MRM leader Faris Maumoon to contest presidential elections despite party dissolution controversy


The Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has announced that its leader and MP for Dhiggaru constituency, Faris Maumoon, will be participating in the upcoming Presidential Elections scheduled for September.

The party’s secretary general, Abdul Aleem, has verified this information. Despite the party’s efforts to be part of the election, the Election Commission, on May 24th, decided to dissolve MRM due to its failure to reach the required membership count of 3,000.

Aleem mentioned that the party was actively working to ensure Faris could compete, with the main obstacle being the decision of the Election Commission. He further stated that if they cannot participate in the election as a party, they will consider running independently.

MRM has strongly denounced the Election Commission’s decision to dissolve the party, calling it “illegal and corrupt.” They argue that this decision reflects the extent of corruption within the country and the government’s failure to uphold the rule of law. However, the Election Commission has refuted all these allegations.

On May 29th, the Civil Court ruled against enforcing the Election Commission’s decision to dissolve MRM. In response, the Election Commission appealed to the Civil Court to review their ruling, but the court declined, stating that they are unable to reconsider their decision.

As a result, the Election Commission is currently unable to implement its decision to dissolve MRM until a final court decision on the matter is reached.