Democrats pick Ilyas Labeeb ,Umar Naseer gains support for presidential election


In preparation for the upcoming September presidential election, political developments in the Maldives have been gaining momentum. The Democrats, a newly established political party, has officially selected Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb as their presidential candidate.

Ilyas Labeeb’s selection came as no surprise, as he was the sole applicant in The Democrats’ presidential primary. According to the party’s constitution, when only one candidate runs in the primary, they must receive at least 10 percent of the vote. In the recent presidential primary held on Friday, a total of 3,208 people cast their votes across the country. Of these, an overwhelming 3,041 individuals voted in favor of granting the presidential ticket to Ilyas Labeeb. However, 153 people voted against his candidacy, and nine votes were considered invalid.

The Democrats’ emergence from former senior members of the Maldivian Democratic Party who broke away from the main ruling party showcases their determination to forge a distinct path. Despite being a newcomer, The Democrats are confident in their ability to secure victory in the upcoming election.

On the other hand, Independent candidate Umar Naseer has been making strides in his bid for the presidency. To contest the presidential election as an independent candidate, Umar had to collect 1,500 signatures of his supporters, as required by the Presidential Election Act. Demonstrating strong public backing, Umar successfully submitted over 2,000 forms, surpassing the mandatory number of signatures. He also complied with the requirement to submit an administrative fee of MVR 100,000.

Umar Naseer officially launched his presidential campaign at a special rally held at Sultan Park on February 3. In his campaign, he emphasizes the need for a strong leader capable of addressing the country’s challenges with determination and efficiency. He likens this approach to wielding a sledgehammer to tackle issues head-on.

As the September presidential election draws near, the political landscape in the Maldives is becoming more intriguing. With Ilyas Labeeb representing The Democrats and Umar Naseer gaining substantial support as an independent candidate, the race for the presidency promises to be a compelling and closely watched contest.