Minister assures handover of flats and land plots under social housing policy in current presidential term


During a parliamentary session, Mohamed Aslam, the Minister of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure, confirmed that the government’s social housing policy will deliver land plots and flats to eligible recipients within the current presidential term. Despite acknowledging that some finishing works might remain incomplete, Aslam emphasized the government’s commitment to complete all projects as soon as possible and hand over ownership of the flats to the beneficiaries, unlike previous governments.

The planning ministry plans to publish the final list of recipients of the 4,000 housing units and 5,000 land plots in the Greater Male’ Region under the Gedhoruveriyaa and Binveriyaa schemes, respectively, in May. The schemes include 1,000 land plots from Hulhumale’, 2,000 land plots from Gulhifalhu, and 2,000 land plots from Giraavaru.

The ministry received a staggering response of over 20,000 applications for housing units under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme and over 15,000 applications for land plots under the Binveriyaa scheme through the Gedhoruverin Portal from June to September 2022.