Male’ City Council Representative Resigns from PPM Amid Misconduct Investigation


Adam Rameez, the Central Henveiru representative of Male’ City Council, has resigned from the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) following an internal investigation into possible misconduct. Heena Waleed, a spokesperson for the PPM, confirmed the receipt of Rameez’s resignation letter on Tuesday night, but the reasons for the investigation have not been disclosed.

There are rumors suggesting that Rameez may have secretly campaigned for Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu for the upcoming presidential election, rather than supporting PPM’s official candidate, former president Abdulla Yameen. However, the party has not commented on these speculations.

With Yameen’s candidacy uncertain due to his legal troubles, some PPM members are advocating for a shift in strategy, considering supporting another candidate with a better chance of winning the election. This has caused a rift within the party, with some members threatening to defect to other parties.

The PPM is facing a difficult decision as they try to navigate the upcoming presidential election. Yameen, a former president, remains a controversial figure due to his legal troubles, and some members believe that supporting him could harm the party’s chances in the election. On the other hand, there are those within the party who are staunchly committed to Yameen and believe that he is the only viable candidate for the PPM.

The uncertainty around the PPM’s candidate, coupled with other challenges, such as the resignation of Adam Rameez, has added another layer of complexity to the PPM’s preparation for the upcoming presidential election. The party will need to make some difficult decisions in the coming weeks if they hope to be successful in the election.