Prosecutor General Shameem Hospitalized After Hammer Attack


Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem was assaulted and subsequently hospitalized with injuries in an incident reported this morning. According to police reports, the assault did not involve a knife or sharp object, but rather, Shameem was attacked with a hammer as he attempted to enter his residence after parking his cycle. The assailant struck him on the right forearm, resulting in a bone fracture. Although undergoing treatment at ADK Hospital, the full extent of his injuries remains unclear.

The incident, which occurred on a street in Male’ City at dawn,involved two individuals on a motorbike wielding a weapon, as stated by the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO). While the specific type of weapon used was not disclosed by either the PGO or the police, it was clarified that a sharp-edged weapon was ruled out in earlier statements. The motive behind the assault remains unknown, and as of now, the assailant has not been apprehended.

In response to the attack, the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) criticized President Muizzu’s administration, alleging that the close ties between top government officials and criminal gangs were fostering violent assaults on state officials. The MDP condemned the attack in a statement, emphasizing the need for the government to swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice.

I condemn the violent assault on Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem this morning. I wish PG Shameem a speedy recovery.

Politically motivated acts of violence have no place in a democratic society and I call on the government to be swift in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

— Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (@ibusolih) January 31, 2024

Former Maldivian president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the interim leader of the MDP, labeled the assault as “politically motivated” in a post on social media platform X. He emphasized that politically motivated acts of violence have no place in a democratic society and urged the government to expedite the process of holding the perpetrators accountable.