Abdul Raheem Abdulla: Political Maneuvers and Allegations


In a recent speech, Speaker of Parliament Abdul Raheem Abdulla ignited controversy by revealing strategic political decisions surrounding the last presidential election. Speaking at the inauguration of the People’s National Congress (PNC)’s new meeting hall in Male’, he addressed criticisms from former President Yameen and shed light on his motivations.

Abdul Raheem asserted that his decisions were driven by a deep understanding of former President Yameen’s political tactics. He claimed foreknowledge that Yameen, if barred from running, would prevent any other candidate from contesting under the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) banner. This foresight, he argued, led to plans being made well in advance to support President Mohamed Muizzu as the PNC’s presidential candidate.

The contentious statements followed accusations from Yameen, who accused Abdul Raheem of plotting with Muizzu to secure the opposition ticket. Abdul Raheem countered these claims by emphasizing his thirty years of political experience and his commitment to safeguarding the party and national interests.

“When I made these plans, it was with the certainty that PPM-PNC would not forfeit its chance to contest the presidential election,” Abdul Raheem declared, positioning himself as a stalwart defender of his party’s continuity and the Maldives’ independence.

The rift between Abdul Raheem and Yameen deepened further with allegations of betrayal and opportunism. Abdul Raheem accused Yameen of attempting to field an alternative candidate after the Supreme Court barred him from the race due to legal issues.

Despite the heated exchange, Abdul Raheem reserved praise for President Muizzu, highlighting his administration’s stance against corruption and commitment to accountability. He contrasted this with what he described as the previous government’s downfall due to tolerance of corrupt practices.

Furthermore, Abdul Raheem revisited allegations against Yameen’s administration, particularly focusing on financial matters involving Yameen’s wife’s foundation. He questioned the absence of certain charitable activities in recent times, insinuating irregularities during Yameen’s presidency.

The Speaker’s assertions have not only reignited political tensions but also underscored the intricate dynamics within Maldivian politics. As accusations and counter-accusations continue to shape public discourse, the future trajectory of the PNC and its alliances remains uncertain.