7 impacts of Mayday Protest on Maldives!


    The following are the impacts which MayDay had on Maldives.

    7Attention of International Media

    #EkehFaheh15 was Maldives biggest protest ever. The momentum created by this event grabbed the attention of International Media at a very large scale. Everyone including the big names in International media covered the protest and discussed about the deteriorating condition of Maldives and Human rights of its citizens.

    6Pressure on Pres. Yameen increased

    During the protest the streets of Male were covered with people demanding democracy and the atmosphere echoed by demands to free President Nasheed! All this compiled with statements from significant organization and coverage all over the world pressurized Pres.Yameen to take certain steps which back fired for him. For example the brutal crackdown of Maldivian Police on peaceful protesters.

    5Social Media became an important tool

    Preparations for the rally were done on a large scale and social media was used to aware more people in a short span of time. It allowed us to connect, communicate and share various details about the protest. Social media also played a huge role in gathering people for the march. Thus social media emerged as an important tool in the protest!

    4Pres.Yameen was exposed

    We all came together and fought against injustice. This gave more people the power to speak the truth. Pres. Yameen’s involvement in major scandals was exposed on social media. In the most shocking case it was also revealed that he used Black Magic to win the elections in 2013. The above was an impact of Mayday protest that encouraged people to take a stand against this brutal dictator.

    3Youth became more determined than ever

    Due to the vast involvement of people, the youth got pumped up and actively participated in the protest. This protest helped in making a really strong base of young and energetic Maldivians who are working hard to bring democracy back in Maldives! On ground or off ground , these people are not leaving a single stone unturned to save Maldives!

    2It united us!

    Around 20,000 people were present in the rally and the count increased further. Everyone was their for only one reason, to fight against tyranny and to see our beloved Anni free from prison. MayDay brought us together as a nation, who fights together, sustains together and feels together!

    1And last but not the least

    We are still hopeful and fighting for our nation, Together!!!