8 Signs of an ignorant President!


Do you know that there are signs which shows if a President is ignorant. Check out for these signs in your President and know if he is the best or the worst.

1.He doesn’t attend important summits.

Being a President makes you a representative of your country. This puts the image of a country in the hand of its President. Thus it becomes important for him to attend all the significant events like conferences,summits in the world. But as far as I remember our Pres. Yameen has done the opposite. He has missed all such events and have shown no interest in those important issues. For an example, he didn’t go in COP 21 etc.

2.Pardons criminals!!

One of the most dangerous signs of an ignorant President is that he pardons the criminals. This kind of President doesn’t think about the citizens. He just want his friends to come out of the jail or maybe just takes money from others to do so. While writing this a news flashed in my mind that Pres.Yameen too had given pardon to the leaders of drug racket in Maldives. Drug is such a hazardous problem in Maldives but still the President used his powers to free criminals. Though he cannot free the former President but ya criminals are too easy for pardoning.

3.Has no reaction on relevant issues.

There are so many issues in a country but some of them become more urgent than others. If the President is not saying anything about those issues then he is not blind but simply ignorant about them. This reminds me again of how our President has dodged all the topics and has refrained from giving statements about them. Even he hasn’t said about Rilwan, who’s disappearance has crossed more than 600 days!!

4.Takes corruption Casually.

Oh ya corruption. What corruption ? My men did corruption? Maybe. If these questions reminds of a President then he takes corruption casually. Even Pres.Yameen reminds me of it. The way he is dealing with the biggest corruption of MMPRC and has given weird statements in the past, it seems that it is no big deal for him. The reason for the above can be many, maybe he really is involved in all such scandals but at present he is behaving as if he has done a great job in Maldives.

5.Makes Education a game.

Well, this is a targeted point for Pres. Yameen. I mean which president wants the children to ditch school just to welcome him???? Education should be the biggest issue in a country and good education is vital for Maldives to grow. Instead of making studies better, Pres.Yameen is not even letting the kids study. He just wants to force everyone to welcome him!!

6.Keeps pressing Terrorism Charges.

No matter what the case is if he hates you then you are a terrorist. No matter who you are or who you were. No matter if the public is out on the streets protesting for you if the President thinks you as a threat then you are gone. An ignorant President doesn’t care about the laws too. Do you recall the charges on Former President Nasheed and even Sheikh imran??? Do they even look like a terrorist???? Yes President Yameen has this sign too.

7.Wants to control the media.

How do you get to know about Whats happening in the country??? through media. If a president wants to control the media then he doesn’t care about your rights to see the real picture. In Maldives too there have been many attacks on the media and the President himself had introduced a bill that restricted media’s freedom. Now you know what I mean.

8.Encourages extremism.

Here I don’t want to say that , the president is a religious person. In fact he is the opposite of it. He uses religion to scare people and to spread extremism , so that no one could even dare to speak against him. When I listen the words of an Imam, invited by the Maldives Govt. I realized that our country is being run by people who use Islam to generate fear in people. Pres. Yameen has crossed all his limits by doing so.


President Yameen is qualified as not only an ignorant President but also as a goon who is not only looting the country but also trying to create fear by using our religion!

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