The murder of Dr. Afrasheem has been one of the mysterious cases in Maldives. And now the so called ‘guilty’ or in reality the confessor Humam has been given death penalty.

Here are 15 things which you should know about this case.

1. The UN Human Rights Committee asked the government on Tuesday to halt the imminent execution of Hussain Humam Ahmed pending the outcome of a review of his case. Professor Tariq Ramadan, a leading Islamic scholar, urged President Abdulla Yameen “to take all possible action to prevent this execution from taking place.”

2. Afrasheem’s family requested postponing Humam’s execution until the murder is solved as he is a key witness in identifying the financiers.The supreme court refused to accept the letter, saying documents can only be submitted during working hours.

3. In the Eid message to the public last week, Yameen said his administration’s resolve to implement the death penalty will not change. Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon resigned citing “profound differences of opinion on the government’s policy in implementing the death penalty.


4. Humam’s killing will be the first in the Maldives since 1953, even then a rare thing. Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has also opposed Humam’s execution without the consent of the victim’s family.

5. Dr Afrasheem’s murder was one of the most brutal and violent the country had ever seen. Afrasheem left behind young children, a wife, parents, siblings. They all deserve justice. Afrasheem’s murder was a contract killing.


6. Umar Naseer, former Commissioner of Police and current JP MP Abdulla Riyaz, former police and military intelligence officers to indicate just a few—have pointed fingers at people other than Humam. Many offer informed speculation that the MP could have been murdered for his seat in parliament or for his intentions to contest in then forthcoming presidential elections.

7. The Supreme Court is controlled by the very same people interested in hiding who really killed Afrasheem. While all the death sentences were passed based primarily on confessions rather than evidence.

8. Human rights NGO, the Maldivian Democracy Network, has called for a retrial for Humam, saying that the trial against him was riddled with irregularities.


9. The noose around Humam’s neck will put an end to not just his life but to two problems the government encounters: rumours of President Yameen’s involvement in Afrasheem’s murder that just won’t die.

10. Did Humam do it? If he did, who gave the orders? His conviction is based on confessions. Some reports say there was involvement of radicalised religious elements in Afrasheem’s murder – but, even if so, not without a political connection.

11. The motive behind the Killing of Afraseem was either religious extremism or political interest. If it was politics, than the most suspicion goes to those who saw MP as a threat. This poor sick guy was just the weapon, killing him is like destroying the knife he has used.


12. The police said the murder was premeditated and politically motivated. But three and a half years on, the masterminds behind the killing have not been identified.

13. President Abdulla Yameen’s administration has pledged to hang death row inmates within 30 days of the supreme court upholding or issuing a guilty verdict. Yameen overturned a six-decade old moratorium on the death penalty in 2014. 17 people on death row since 2008, and a few of them sentenced as minors. The government of Maldives has in the past year justified MVR4 million (US$261,547) to build a death chamber on the prison island.

14. The truth behind every major crime in this country has been buried by the PPM government in collusion with a corrupt judiciary and police force. This indicates their involvement. They have arranged everything so that Humam’s execution can be carried out quickly, assuring Afrasheem’s real killers (i.e. the people who funded the hit) will never be revealed.

15. PPM leaders are tried for murder and treason. The people who vote for this gang and support their ‘government’ should be ashamed.

Conclusion: The above are the facts of this whole case and this time you will have to conclude the reality yourself!