A former Sri Lankan employee at the Maldivian High Commission in Colombo has publicly revealed himself to have won the 2013 Maldivian presidential elections for President Abdulla Yameen by doing “black magic”.

Asela Wickramasinghe, former Assistant Trade Executive at the Maldivian HC in Colombo has spoken to opposition backed local Television station Raajje TV. revealing to have traveled to Maldives to help President Yameen win the elections via black magic.

Asela said he was staying at Nasandhura Palace Hotel, the campaign hub of President Yameen and his PPM coalition during the 2013 elections, and Asela and Yameen had had private meetings in his hotel room. He had secretly audio-taped and videoed some of the meetings, which he shared with Raajje TV.

In the videos, Yameen shares his health problems as well as his political concerns with Asela, whom in return suggests ideas on how to eliminate Yameen’s opposition candidates during the presidential race. Asela revealed that he spoke to philanthropist and MP Qasim Ibrahim to support Yameen. In the audio shared, Asela offers to kill Yameen’s biggest opponent President Mohamed Nasheed, to which Yameen refused, saying “human life is too precious”. Instead, Yameen insisted Asela make Nasheed go “crazy temporarily for a few days”.

Asela, who was also an appointed Political Adviser for the Republic of Maldives said that later, Yameen had complained about Qasim Ibrahim and his own half brother former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and asked Asela to “eliminate” them as well.

“He wanted to do things to his own brother and all people close to him. So I know [now] what kind of person Yameen is,” Asela said, speaking to Raajje TV.
In a special documentary Raajje TV aired on the night of 6th February, Asela Wickramasinghe has his own Hindu Temple where Hindu God Durga is worshiped. Asela revealed that some of his “black magic” is conducted in the temple.

Speaking to Raajje TV, Asela publicly apologised to the people of Maldives, saying he chose the wrong person.
“I chose the wrong person for Maldives and I’m sorry. If I can make him President, I can see my future also. So I kept all evidence with me ,” Asela said, referring to his superstitious black magic works, as well as the audio and text message “evidence” he had saved against President Yameen.
But it is known that Asela Wickramasinghe went against President Yameen after a quarrel between the two regarding Asela’s payments. He had shared text messaged between Yameen and himself on the subject, taken place in December 2015. Asela is said to have discontinued his employment at the Maldivian HC in Colombo since then.
It was speculated earlier that a Sri Lankan “sorcerer” was employed at the Maldivian HC in Colombo, to which the High Commissioner madam Zahiya Zareer had publicly denied.

Maldivian politics has had a connection with superstition and sorcery. In the documentary Raajje TV aired, Asela Wickramasinghe talks about former Presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim also having a Sri Lankan black magician from Moratuwa flown down to Maldives.

Also, in late 2013 an albino turtle went missing from the Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Center. After the albino turtle’s disappearance, Sri Lankan vocalist Amal Perera had spoken to the Police, saying a Maldivian friend of his tried to buy the albino turtle in Kosgoda for a “spiritual performance” on a Maldivian politician.
Photo: President Yameen with Asela Wickramasinghe.