It is appropriate time to recall former President Nasheed’s quotes “The dictator can be removed in a day, but it can take years to stamp out the lingering remnants of his dictatorship” 

Abdulla Yameen, who ruled the country in a most abusive manner, Maldives has ever experienced, was charged with money laundering and arrested on 18 February 2019. However, he was released after a month by the high court in march. It is said, his loyalist chief Judge Usman Shujau, who was appointed as chief Judge to the high court in 2018, by Yameen, was instrumental in granting relief. The decision to release Yameen came after the case was transferred from the court of Judge Abdul Rauf Ibrahim to the chief Judge Shujau . It may not be a sheer coincidence and thus reeks of a conspiracy to influence the court verdict in favor of Yameen . Although, Yameen has been ousted from office, his loyalists remain in Judiciary and other state institutions. Judge Shujau  also hogged lime light when he openly campaigned for Yameen in 2018 presidential election  and also to show solidarity,  he used his picture with Yameen as his viber profile pic. This paints a not so bright picture of our state institutions, in general and Judiciary in particular. The institutions have been reduced to mere tools in the hands of ruling elites, who use Judiciary and Administration to further their political interest.