Former President Yameen Stays Away from Muizzu’s Inauguration


Former president Abdulla Yameen has chosen not to attend the inauguration of the incoming president, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. The inauguration for the PNC leader will take place at the Republic Square in Male’ on Friday, and Yameen had received an invitation to attend.

However, Adam Shameem, a member of Yameen’s legal team, conveyed on Thursday that the ex-president has decided against participating in the inauguration. According to Shameem, Yameen informed the Parliament Speaker that he believes attending such a prestigious event, given his conviction for money laundering and bribery charges, would diminish its dignity. Yameen sees it as conflicting with accepted norms in civilized societies.

Yameen received an 11-year prison sentence on December 25, 2022, following his conviction in the sale of V. Aarah for resort development. Despite this, after Muizzu’s victory in the presidential election in September, he requested Yameen’s transfer from prison to his home in Male’. Yameen is currently under house arrest.

While the Maldives Correctional Service has granted some flexibility to Yameen’s home confinement, permitting him to leave for medical treatment, exercise, and certain gatherings, they stated earlier this week that Yameen had not sought permission to attend Muizzu’s inauguration.