Public Outcry as Parliament Postpones Resolution Condemning Israeli Attacks


In a recent development, the public has expressed dissatisfaction with the Parliament’s decision to delay addressing a resolution condemning Israel’s actions against Palestinians. Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Aslam, declined to include the resolution on the agenda, citing the need to prepare for the upcoming swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

The resolution, originally proposed by MDP’s Villingili MP Saud Hussain on the 14th of last month, focuses on the alarming situation in Palestine. Some Members of Parliament urged for immediate consideration of the resolution, and in a show of protest, members displayed posters calling for a ban on Israelis entering the Maldives.

Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaz emphasized the urgency of discussing the Palestinian issue in the Parliament, highlighting the significant loss of life in the Israeli offensive attacks in Gaza. Riyaz urged the inclusion of the resolution in the agenda, even if only for the current session.

Speaker Aslam, responding to the concerns during the sitting, stated that while the Parliament had already passed the debate on the supplementary budget for the day, no member had requested the addition of other items to the agenda.

The public’s discontentment spilled over into a protest outside the parliament following this decision.

The resolution, put forward by Villingili MP Saud Hussain, condemns the Israeli attacks as crimes against humanity, particularly targeting the Palestinian Muslim population with no regard for civilians. It notes Israel’s use of weapons prohibited by international treaties and laws, as well as the severe restrictions imposed on Gaza, including the cutoff of water, sewerage, electricity supplies, and the prevention of food entry.

The resolution calls on the Maldivian government to take immediate action by implementing measures to prohibit Israeli citizens from entering the Maldives as a form of protest against what is described as Israel’s inhumane atrocities.