RDC Manager Arrested for Drugs and Alcohol Possession


A person who works as a manager at the Road Development Corporation (RDC) got arrested because the police found drugs and alcohol in their possession. The police went to the RDC offices and the manager’s home to investigate. They discovered empty alcohol bottles and drugs at the manager’s house. The police came in at 10 am on Tuesday and left at 11 pm after taking a lot of documents.

The police started looking into this case because the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Maldives Monetary Authority told them about some unusual deposits of a large amount of money into the personal accounts of three employees in the Financial Department at RDC. RDC denied the accusations, saying the deposits were just small amounts of cash following the proper policies.

The Managing Director of RDC, Moosa Ali Manik, criticized the Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed and accused the police of trying to get attention by searching the RDC offices.