President announces start of land reclamation project in Gulhi for this year


President Solih announced that land reclamation projects in Guraidhoo and Maafushi in Kaafu Atoll have been finished and that reclamation in Gulhi will begin this year. He made these remarks at a campaign event for the Maldivian Democratic Party in Guraidhoo. He also mentioned that there are still more development projects planned for the island, as previous governments had neglected islands near Male’s City, leaving residents to travel for essential services.

The President stated that during his campaign visits in 2018, residents of the three islands in the Guraidhoo constituency had requested land reclamation projects above all else, and as a result, the administration carried out these projects in Guraidhoo and Maafushi, and soon Maafushi will be connected to the newly reclaimed land. He also said that the local councils will use the reclaimed areas in Guraidhoo and Maafushi based on the needs of residents and MDP will continue to advocate for equitable provision of services and will aid in expanding local tourism businesses in islands near Male’s City.