News corner – Maldives seeks to renegotiate with China over Belt and Road debt


Maldives seeks to renegotiate with China over Belt and Road debt

The Maldives is to ask Beijing to reduce the debt it accrued during a recent Chinese investment boom, according to its new finance minister who claims that large-scale graft inflated the value of contracts under the previous government. “This was wilful corruption,” Ibrahim Ameer told the Financial Times. The former government knew what they were doing, getting kickbacks from contractors . That’s why the contract prices were too high.

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Expressing Religious Views is Risky in the Maldives

Ibrahim Ismail, the chairman of Mandhu College in the Maldives and a former lawmaker, says he believes in debate rooted in facts and backed by citations, including over religion. But Ismail, better known as Ibra, recently discovered the potential danger of such debate. On January 7, 2019, a magistrate in Naifuri, an island in northern Maldives, sentenced a 25-year-old woman to death by stoning on charges of adultery. Although the Maldives Supreme Court overturned the verdict the following day, debate continued on social media.

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Ex-Pres Maumoon to form new political Party

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom announced on Thursday that he has made the decision to form a new political party by the name of ‘Maldives Reform Movement’. (Avas)

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EC allocates ballot boxes for Bangladesh, Thailand

Elections Commission has decided to set ballot boxes for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Thailand and Bangladesh. EC has decided to also set up ballot boxes in Thailand and Bangladesh in the Parliamentary Elections slated for April 6, and opened a registry for voting in these countries. (

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High Court nullifies lower court verdict in Haveeru News ownership case

Maldives High Court has nullified the verdict issued from the Civil Court regarding the ownership case of online news outlet . (

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131 cases of child abuse

290 cases were submitted to Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services in December – 131 of them child abuse cases . (

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Regulation on Construction Safety Standards

Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure has enacted and published the Regulation on Construction Safety Standards. The new regulation took effect immediately with its publication on the Government Gazette last Wednesday. (

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