9 points that shows crime has gone up under Prez Yameen’s Govt


On Sunday, The Home Minister, Mr.Umar Naseer stated that there is drop in serious crime rates in Maldives. Though,contradicting this statement,we found some data which shows something else.

Here are 9 points that shows crime has gone up in Yameen’s Government.

9Level of crime at present is 81.52%

The crime rate is higher in Male than any other island in Maldives. This may be the result of a large population residing there but still the government is not doing enough for our safety in the country.

In last 3 years crime has increased at 84.78%. This clearly shows that since PPM took over Maldives,crime has not at all decreased but reached to a new hieghts.

8Its easy to be mugged or robbed here!

There are 78.26% chances of you getting robbed or mugged on the streets of Maldives,especially Male. this percentile is is affecting the no. of tourists visiting the country.

7Theft rate has increased to 75%

This rate defines that Maldivians are not even safe in their homes as houses are certainly being looted.

6One could be readily attacked!

Chances of one being attacked here are 72.83% which is a high rate. We are still thinking that how are the streets still safe? Mr.Home Minister, are you listening???

5Drugs are easily available here!

People who are either using or dealing in drugs are smoothly roaming in our country. The problems related to this issue has gone up to 84.14% which is the highest till now.

4Property crimes have also increased by 82.14%

Crimes related to property such as vandalism and theft are are becoming common during PPM’s governance.

3Crime against women is 72.73%

The rate of voilent crimes, specialy on women shows the brutal side of Yameen’s dictatorship. the crime rate of this issue is 72.73%

2Corruption is the biggest problem.

Problems like corruption and bribery are the major cause of our suffering in the nation. The level of corruption is the highest of all crimes at 85.23%

1Maldivians are not safe, even in daylight!

The ratio of safety while walking alone during daylight is just 38.04% and in night it decreases to just 18.48%