Suspects in connection to the two day continuous violent attacks in Male, arrested


Police have arrested five people in connection with the two attacks in Hulhumale.

They were arrested while fleeing from a Hiya flat.

The first attack was reported around 9:17 pm near Lyre Restaurant. The second attack was reported shortly afterwards, around 9:32 pm near the Hulhumale Bridge.

Two people were injured in the two clashes, police said. They are being treated at hulhumale’ Hospital.

Police are investigating the attacks in Hulhumale. The latest attacks come after two similar incidents in Male’ City on Eid-al-Fitr, May 2, which left four people injured.

The first attack took place near Maaveyo Mosque on Koarukendi Magu at approximately 05:48 am. Two people were injured in the attack.

The second attack took place at the junction of Majeedhee Magu and Janavaree Magu at approximately 09:17 am. It left two people injured.

Police have not revealed any details leading to the attacks. However, many of these violence is marked by retaliation and its been reported that people have died in the attacks, as such as two being killed.

In relation to this, seven more people are reportedly being investigated in connection to the attacks. Police have advised anyone with any information regarding these individuals to contact the police hotline number 3322111 or the Serious and Organized Crime Department number 9911099.

Seven people are being sought by the police:

Mausoom Mohamed Didi, 27

Ahmed Shimhaz, 22

Luth Ahmed Asif, 18

Ahmed Rabiu, 24

Ahmed Nazih, 27

Munad Jaufar, 20

Ahmed Sathiu, 21

Group violence has begun in Male’ City after two to three months of a joint operation by police and MNDF to stop the activities of the groups.

The operation by the police and MNDF continues unabated.