Abdulla Yameen came to power with the blessings of several political parties including JP. He was supported by his brother (Maumoon Abdul Gayoom) and Gasim Ibrahim in 2013. Even Former President Nasheed attended his inaugural ceremony n looked optimistic. He got the parliamentary majority and enjoyed the cooperation of the Supreme Court and Majlis. International community welcomed him as Maldives moves away from autocratic rule. There was euphoria, hope n joy in the air.

Alas! It didn’t last long. One by one he begins to abandon and dismiss his relationships. First Gasim and then his own brother. Then his own VP’s and anyone who differs from him and sees as a threat. Then he finishes the Majlis. Finally defies the Supreme Court. Internationally we are more isolated then ever. We left the Common Wealth and severed diplomatic relations with two major Islamic Nations. Today he has frosty relations with our neighbour India. The ordeal is not over.

His xenophobic and arrogance is beyond comprehension. We have today one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes in history despite several Independent Institutions and law protecting n safeguarding the people and their rights. All failed.

I like to see a president who has compassion and empathy for people than showing his gut. I want a president who choose fairness over force and gut. I want a president who has values and love for his people than showing off his ruthless gut. A president who is kind and understanding than showing physical strength and gut. I admire Leaders with humility than with soul less gut. I detest any who is possessed by gut alone. Such Rulers deserve to be in the gutter.

Written By Fuwad Thowfeek Former Commissioner Elections Commission of Maldives