Government criticized for not naming Israel in condemnation of Damascus attack


The government is under fire for its failure to explicitly name Israel in its condemnation of a missile strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. The attack, which occurred on Monday, resulted in the deaths of a senior Iranian army general, his deputy, and a total of 11 individuals.

Despite widespread speculation implicating Israel in the attack, the Maldives government’s statement on the incident refrained from directly attributing responsibility. Instead, it emphasized the egregious breach of international law inherent in targeting diplomatic premises and underscored the importance of upholding diplomatic immunity and peaceful conflict resolution.

In response, the Iranian government swiftly accused Israel of orchestrating the assault and vowed to retaliate forcefully. However, Israel has not officially acknowledged any involvement in the incident, although numerous international news outlets have suggested its complicity.

The Maldives government’s cautious approach to the situation drew criticism on social media, with many questioning its reluctance to explicitly name Israel in its condemnation.