10 reasons for organizing MayDay Protest Again this year!!


10We need our leaders back!

Including the Former President of Maldives , Mohamed Nasheed, there are many imminent leaders who are either in jail or are in exile due to the present brutal regime in Maldives. The reason behind this ? That they all tried to change the country for better and are willing to end dictatorship in Maldives. Leaders like Anni, Ali Waheed, Imran Sheikh have a progressive vision and our country needs that to grow in every sense.

9President Yameen should be arrested!!

This needs to be done as soon as possible. Our president has been exposed through various mediums and is involved in many scandals. Even he himself has confessed about accepting bribes and behaved casually about his ministers doing the same. Proving himself to be a super shady President , he has used black magic to win elections. Such man who just wants to steal all our money , needs to be arrested ASAP!!

8We are going Bankrupt!

The rate at which various ministers are swiping our hard earned money in their bank accounts , we will soon go bankrupt. Either it is an hospital or a bridge or any other project, the concerned ministers are taking huge bribes in the name of development. All that money is going in their coffers and we are left for paying taxes!

7Truth cannot be heard anymore!

Media platforms are being closed down. Journalists are being thrashed. Freedom of speech has become a joke and defamation is being criminalize. Even speaking out on social media has become a challenge as you have to fight with the paid supporters of the ruling tyranny. In Maldives, it has become difficult to speak the truth!

6The pity state of Human Rights!

Since Yameen’s regime, Human Rights are only meant for violating. Yameen’s judiciary is expert in calling anyone a terrorist and a threat to the national security. The puppets of Yameen dressed in the police uniform only know how to crack down a peaceful march via pepper sprays. Either you are a man or woman, young or old, a protester or a journalist, Yameen’s govt. won’t hesitate in punishing you for raising your voice against them.

5Murderers are roaming free!

This is the creepiest thing about Maldives, where a journalist is abducted and no one knows about his whereabouts yet even after getting international attention to the case of Ahmed Rilwan, no one knows if he is still alive or dead. Not only this mysterious murders keep taking place here and the police does nothing about them. As a result, criminals keep moving freely among us , searching for their next target or the ones govt. has set for them.

4Lack of Basic Facilities (Read Livelihood)

Life here is like earn money,pay rent,pay taxes, give bribes and die watching scandals. The basic facilities like housing,health care,education,employment which are necessary to lead a normal life is not sufficiently available here. And the government is doing nothing about it too. In fact , they are busy in saving themselves and their looted money!

3Being safe is out of question

The duty of a police officer is to protect you but what if they are the ones bullying you, then how will you be safe? The situation regarding safety has touched a new low with less no. of dedicated police officers and more no. of cases regarding safety of the citizens.

2The apocalypse of loans!

How do you think all these loans will be paid, which are being taken on the name of development? Do you know China gives loan at a hight interest rate of 6.4%? Pres.Yameen has taken numerous loans from China and they all will be paid off by us! We are dying for a good life and here PPM government has decided to keep us in debts for the rest of our lives. Therefore, in order to repay the loan, we have to earn more because we are living under a dictator.

1Need More reasons?

May Day protest brought each one of us together, it should be done again to fight all the above , to get back the freedom we deserve, to live a like a proud Maldivian again, to end the dictatorship , to re establish democracy here and because we love our country, we love Maldives !!!