Words are mightier than sword and they are courageous than actions too. They can fill you with happiness and they can drench you in the spirit of enthusisam too. A spirit which won’t let you sit at home, a spirit which will compell you to raise you voice and a spirit which would make you take a stand and fight for your country!

Below are some words said by people among us which define the energy of MayDay Protest 2015!!!

10Azra Naseem

Fear is the last reason holding any democracy supporter back from the streets of Male’ today. Together, the people are stronger than any government, no matter how brutal.

9Ibrahim Nadheem

Nasheed brought me hope, he had a vision for the youth, that we should grow up to be skilled and educated citizens.” Ibrahim Nadheem

8Mohamed Zubair

He suffered serious head injuries in a brutal police crackdown in February 2012, said he is ready to sacrifice again for Nasheed’s freedom. “Today I am hopeful.”

7Mickail Naseem ‎@MickailNaseem

Pepper sprayed? Worry not. Wash it with milk/coke. Keep calm and continue protesting.#EkehFaheh15

6Mauroof Khaleel ‎@maapu

Be the change! Dont stay home. Your children will question you tomorrow, where were you on #mayday2015 #EkehFaheh15 #AniyaaverikanNimman

5#FreeSheikhImran ‎@alynazeer

Days of planning & hard work!
We put this effort solely for the sake of this nation & the people, so help us almighty! #EkehFaheh15

4Athiya Naseer ‎@aaishanaseer

Don’t stay at home tomorrow expecting a miracle to happen. Go out with the crowd n make the miracle happen.

3Maji ‎@abdulmaajid

People from all islands have landed. Biggest revolution on #EkehFaheh15 #MaldivesUprising @adhdhu87

2Reason to fight

“Come to Male’ to pay rent and beg with ministers. Don’t come to Male’ for your rights!” the exact reason we came and fought!

1You said this!

And then we all showed our courage and strength against the tyranny which is still enough to come again and battle against this dictatorship!