I opened the door of your bewildering scenic fanaticism
barefooted, naked, just hanging a heart as a sleeve.
The birth cycle has put me into the era of pink
This dubious room of yours…

oh, these pretty pink wooden walls
I gaze, I stare, I observe at your possessions
this is my guideline, my lifeline for this life..
I missed out on one thing and dozed off

Over the years, dirt has layered over my life
A jerk pushes me
to question is to be a complete human..
my vision pushes its walls and expands
the horizon breaks
the sky falls
the ceiling remains

All my life, I have been a victim of your showcase
my home is just an object of amusement,
I am trapped, my omnipotent
it comes down all to you
the meaning itself becomes meaningless…

Poem by –  Shaaheen