Former Maldivian President Yameen Appeals 11-Year Prison Sentence with High Court


Former President Abdulla Yameen has taken his appeal against his money laundering conviction to the High Court. His lawyer, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, confirmed the move and expressed confidence in winning the appeal. In a tweet, Jameel argued that upholding the rule of law in the Maldives requires an independent judiciary free from government influence.

Yameen had been sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined USD 5 million in December 2022, after being found guilty of money laundering and bribery relating to the sale of V. Aarah for resort development. Yameen is the opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate, and must win the appeal to be eligible to run in the September presidential election. The sentence came a year after Yameen was acquitted of similar charges in 2019.