President Solih calls for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment


During the official function to mark International Women’s Day, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih emphasized the need to increase women’s participation in all sectors through the administration’s Gender Equality Action Plan. The plan seeks to ensure equal opportunities and consideration in decision-making processes while protecting the interests of both men and women. President Solih noted that all government offices and institutions have guidelines in place to ensure equity and equality, and he called on them to implement those policies immediately.

Furthermore, President Solih highlighted the achievements of girls and women in promoting innovative technology and digital education. He explained that the administration’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP) prioritizes gender equality, economic diversification, and information and communication technologies (ICT). Additionally, he mentioned the administration’s efforts to end barriers to employment for working mothers, including introducing child-friendly spaces in government offices and institutions and flexible working hours.

President Solih concluded his remarks by urging for a whole-of-society approach to promote and protect women’s rights and empower them to take on leadership roles in all sectors. With these efforts, the Maldives can create an inclusive environment where women have equitable opportunities to excel as policymakers and leaders.