I have hope, I have never given up hope, As long as I live, until I die, until we find him, I will continue.

My son was not lost at sea. My son was abducted. It was an organised and planned abduction. He did not run away. My heart tells me he is alive. To this day I believe he is alive. This is truly the biggest pain a family has to bear. I am old, but I have never had to bear such pain.
We are his citizens. It is his citizen who has been abducted. We would receive some satisfaction if they would just meet us. But the  President Abdulla Yameen and refused to meet us. Yameen’s wife refused as well.
This is how poor, how helpless we are. I have always struggled in my life, but I have never had to face such fear, such sadness. But we will continue to lobby them. I will continue to request them to find my son.
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The government does not help us. I have hope. I have never given up hope. As long as I live, until I die, until we find him, I will continue. I will continue. Even if its just me and a handful of family members and his friends, I will come out and march on the streets. I will go even if no one goes. Some people have said the turnout was low during the second march. I say, I do not mind, we will continue. But we will invite everyone to join us, for the sake of humanity.
I draw strength from my children and my friends. I am very happy by the efforts of the media and Rilwan’s friends. His friends, I love them as if they were my children. I do not feel alone now, because of their efforts. When I feel sad, I ask for patience, Allah gives patience to all humans.
There is no peace and security for anyone. When I go for my daily walk, I am scared. But Allah has ordered us to keep in good health. That is why I go, even though I am quite old now. I go alone, I walk all around Malé. Sometimes I look back in fear. Before this, I was never afraid. I am afraid now.
I feel as if I am being followed, because I am looking for my son. For a time, I did not go for my walk, but then I thought to myself, I must not stay at home. If I must die, I will die. It is not wise to hide, to stop my work for fear of death.
“We do not wish for any other family to face the pain and suffering this family has gone through in the past days since Rilwan disappeared,”
My son has been disappeared, and I will do all I can, without rest, to find him.
“It is the state’s responsibility to make relevant policies and laws to ensure this right for every Maldivian”

Words of Hope by  Mother of missing Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan. She has led the search for her son, appearing on the frontline of marches and efforts to lobby the government and politicians.