Isdhoo MP Ali Hameed joins ruling party MDP ahead of upcoming elections


Maldives’ political landscape is shifting ahead of the country’s upcoming elections, with Isdhoo MP Ali Hameed announcing his departure from the Jumhooree Party and joining the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

The move comes as Hameed voiced strong support for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, citing the leader’s successful efforts in achieving social and economic stability in the country. “I believe that we Maldivians should give Ibrahim Mohamed Solih the opportunity for social stability, economic stability, and the welfare of the country,” said Hameed, adding that it is imperative for Solih to be given a second term in office.

The upcoming elections will be a significant test for the ruling MDP, which has been in power since 2018. As the country continues to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking to the government for effective leadership and stability.

The MDP will need to demonstrate that it is capable of delivering on its promises and maintaining the progress made in the country over the past few years. As the political landscape evolves in the lead-up to the elections, it remains to be seen how the parties will position themselves to win the support of the people. With Ali Hameed’s move to the MDP, it is clear that the ruling party is looking to expand its base of support and solidify its position ahead of the crucial vote.