President Abdulla Yameen who is mired in scandal over the theft of at least millions from state coffers, said that the opportunity for corruption existed in his administration because corruption is “a quality that is in human nature”.
The president had also stirred controversy in the past by saying he was unaware that cash hand outs to MPs and his supporters came from the millions embezzled from the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation.
“Who hasn’t benefitted from this money? We need money to help each other. And the receivers of charity, do they check if they got it justly? Who checks if the money they receive is legitimate?” he said. He has also previously described money-laundering checks as a burden on Government.
In distant past, when Yameen was incharge of STO and the Trade Ministry, he created MNOC to use as a vehicle to embezzle money through oil trading.
A person who himself is mirewd in corruption from head to toe will obviously see no wrongdoing in heronious crime of corruption. Same is the case with President Yameen who is like a parasite for Maldives, sucking away state-funds and causing long term losses for Maldives as a nation.