New airport coming to Thulhaadhoo Island


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that the commencement of land reclamation is set for the upcoming week, marking the initiation of an airport project in Thulhaadhoo, situated within the Baa Atoll.

Addressing a gathering as part of a campaign event, President Solih emphasized the government’s extensive efforts in Thulhaadhoo, citing the realization of a hundred housing projects among its achievements. He further revealed that the ongoing construction of a hospital on the island is progressing and reaffirmed his commitment to establishing an additional hundred housing units during his second term. President Solih underscored the significance of introducing an airport to Thulhaadhoo and disclosed imminent plans to initiate a project for the reclamation of 45 hectares.

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has entrusted the Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company Private Limited with the responsibility of executing the reclamation endeavor. This venture forms an integral part of President Solih’s overarching objective to establish airports within a 30-minute travel radius of each inhabited island.

Moreover, President Solih illuminated his comprehensive development agenda for Thulhaadhoo during his forthcoming term. This encompassing strategy envisions land reclamation efforts directed at establishing an industrial zone, as well as enhancements to the primary roadways, the creation of a designated picnic island, the establishment of an indoor sports complex, and the allocation of a specialized fish processing vessel for the island’s benefit.