Over 280,000 are eligible to vote in this year’s presidential election


The Maldives is preparing for its presidential election, with more than 280,000 people eligible to vote. According to the Elections Commission (EC), 162,935 registered voters are members of political parties, while the remaining 120,337 are not affiliated with any political party.

The figures show that 58% of eligible voters are members of political parties, while 42% are not. The Maldives has 11 political parties, with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) having the highest number of members, followed by the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The MDP has 57,660 members, the PPM has 38,704 members, and the Jumhoory Party (JP) has 22,607 members. The remaining political parties have smaller memberships, ranging from 2,242 to 10,386 members.

The presidential election is scheduled to take place on September 9, and the EC has assured the public that it is taking all necessary measures to ensure a free and fair election. Multi-party democracy was established in the Maldives in 2004 under the new constitution.

The upcoming election is expected to be closely contested, with the outcome having significant implications for the future of the country.