Made in “China – Maldives” free trade agreement


On 29 November, Abdulla Maseeh Speaker of Parliament called for an emergency sitting, to pass the FTA with China. 1000 page Agreement was sent to the Parliamentary oversight committee on national security affairs within 3 minutes of submission to the floor. The Committee reviews the Agreement took less than 10 minutes behind the close door . Thirty lawmakers present during the late Wednesday sitting voted in favour of signing the agreement, most PPM MPs are echoing its benefits without knowing fact of the pact to the archipelago with of course no opposition lawmaker present. Free trade agreement was made during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s historic state visit to the Maldives in September 2014. Maldives will become the 2nd country in the South Asia region to sign the agreement after Pakistan .

China’s free trade agreements in South Asia

1. China – Pakistan FTA: Concluded

2. China – Nepal FTA: Feasibility study concluded without positive outcome

3. China – Sri Lanka FTA: Exploratory talks underway

4. China – Bangladesh FTA: Feasibility study proposed

5. China – India FTA: A pipe dream

China’s Free Trade Agreements in South Asia

Why is Yameen’s government in haste to pass the agreement? This concern is raising eyebrows that how will Maldives profit in the future .

Some fact about free Trade Agreement with China is not befitted to Pakistan – Pakistan seeks changes in free trade agreement with China

Pakistan has failed when it comes to trade with China

Lessons for Pakistan to learn from Free Trade Agreement with China.

Many opposition leaders expressed concern over the secrecy of the deal .

The Maldivian Democratic Party,  expressed concern over the deal and the growing trade deficit with China.

The MDP is Concerned over Free Trade Agreement with China