10 Whistle-blowers about Pres.Yameen!


    1. The Falsifier: Pres.Yameen’s name has been involved in many large scale scams and scandals which have shook the nation in past and present. Either it was corruption related to oil,bridge projects ,development of hospitals and the biggest MMPRC scandal, his name has been taken in each and every one of these. This makes him a true Falsifier of Maldives.

    2. The Secret Assassin: The journalist, Ahmed Rilwan went missing while he was investigating about the corruption scandals involving Pres. Yameen and writing against human rights violation in Maldives. Earlier that Dr. Afrasheem was found murdered. The accused in that murder case included Pres.Yameen’s name in his statement, saying that he would better know about the truth regarding Dr. Afrasheem’s murder. Regarding Rilwan, Why do you think his investigation is going so slow???

    3. The Bully: A new bill named as “Freedom of expression” bill has been introduced in the Majlis, according to which any one who defames the govt. on social media or asks for justice will be a criminal in the court of law and can be detained on that basis. It doesn’t matter who you are if you will speak against Pres.Yameen then he will bully you in Jail!

    4. The Gutless: Though Pres.Yameen and his so called party members keeps criticizing the involvement of foreign countries in Maldivian affairs but our “President” does not have guts to face any of them one on one. Due to this he had missed many critical events like COP21 etc and instead sat on his comfy chair in Maldives.

    5. The Stripped: His chats asking for money from Saudi Arabia,videos,cheques on his name given by suspicious sources and the evidence about him taking bribe for selling every inch of our nation are being continuously exposed by the opposition leaders. Even if we doubt some then also not all the stories can be made up!

    6. The Voodoo President: Most people were shocked when Yameen won the elections on 2013 but now we know the real reason of his victory i.e. Black Magic. This guy took help from a psychic, who performed a voodoo act for him to win the elections. Not only this, Asela Wikramasinghe was on a proper payroll from Pres.Yameen. Yikes!

    7. The Clever Fool: Following a boat blast on president Yameen’s boat later in 2015, an emergency was imposed on Maldives, so that VP Adheeb could be impeached without facing any problems. This emergency was just a mask for Yameen to carry out his dirty deeds but now we people are well aware of his tactics and won’t let him rule like fool in Maldives!

    8. The Crook: Earlier it was Maumoon and now Yameen, they both have swear to violate Human rights of Maldivians. The cases of human rights violation are increasing day by day. Pres. Yameen is mocking democracy in the world’s paradise.

    9. The Brainless Interviewee: A president who himself accepts about recieving bribe from SOF that too $1 Million and says that if someone will receive that much money then why would that person question about its source?? can only be President Yameen. This is not the end he has given many mindless statements in the past and with time he keeps proving that he is worse at speaking than Umar Naseer himself!

    10. The Doped One: The last but not the least thing about Pres.Yameen is that he is always unaware about the activities of his ministers. The people close to him have done all the major corruptions in the country but he was clueless, his ministers are accepting that they gave bribes to the leaders but he is innocent. Even his MPs are spitting on women but Pres.Yameen is sitting blindfolded in his office and enjoying the sunny side of life!

    Conclusion Alert! Prez.Yameen is a live threat to Maldives, if he continues to stay in power then soon our country will become a ghost land! Yikes!