At the end of 2008, when democracy swept aside 30 years of dictatorship, it all looked so promising. The Maldivian people chose Nasheed as president in their first democratic elections and, for a brief moment, freedom blossomed.
During Nasheed’s presidency, Maldivians could speak freely for the first time, enjoy new found political freedoms, and express themselves through art and culture. Internationally, the charismatic new leader gained fame for his remarkable efforts to persuade the world to combat climate change, which threatens low-lying Maldives. Nasheed toured the world as a political rock-star, receiving accolades from the White House to Windsor Castle.
But it did not take long for the old regime to move against the young democratic government. On February 7 2012, Nasheed was forced to resign and the presidency was handed to Mohamed Waheed, a puppet of the former regime. The Maldives soon reverted to type: journalists were targeted, protesters beaten up, and opposition politicians threatened and murdered.
Maldivian president, Abdulla Yameen, took power in 2013 after a controversial election win.
The subsequent presidential elections 2013 were marred by widespread allegations of vote-rigging. The former dictator’s half brother, Abdulla Yameen, won – despite an overwhelming expectation that Nasheed would be returned.
Maldives really needs democracy..! Former President Nasheed was overthrown by a well-crafted pre-planned execution of regime with dictator-style of governance..! This is the fact..! Maldives has become a niche for breeding terror against other democratic nations..! If the world does not help us, Maldives will suffer..!
The hidden act is going on..!
The tourism industry earns a lot..! The money is in a few rich men’s hand..! Their accounts in international Bank growing..!
Yet, Country’s economy is in downspiral mode…! Country is in dismay!!!