President Solih Holds Crisis Meeting with MPs After JP’s Decision to Run Own Candidate


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s re-election bid suffered a major setback after the Jumhoory Party (JP), the second largest party in the coalition government, announced it will not support him and will instead run an independent candidate for the upcoming presidential election in 2023. The decision has created a crisis within the government, with Solih holding a meeting with MPs from the main ruling party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and other pro-government MPs to discuss how to respond to this decision.

The move by JP is a significant blow to Solih, who had hoped to contest the election with a large coalition. The decision of JP to field its own candidate will split the coalition and may lead to a fragmented opposition, giving an advantage to the ruling party.

Despite this setback, Solih has been praised for his efforts in promoting democracy and human rights in the Maldives. His government has made significant progress in strengthening democratic institutions, improving governance, and promoting economic growth. His commitment to combating corruption and improving transparency in government has also been widely appreciated.

The upcoming election in 2023 will be a crucial test for the Maldives’ democracy. The decision by JP to field its own candidate will make the election more competitive, but it also risks creating divisions within the coalition and weakening the opposition. Nevertheless, with Solih’s leadership and commitment to democratic values, there is hope that the Maldives will continue to move forward on the path towards greater democracy and prosperity.