In a recently organized virtual meeting of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ambassadors to the United Nations (UN), the issue of growing Islamophobia in South Asia was discussed. During the meeting, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Munir Akram proposed that India is actively promoting Islamophobic agenda.

Though Maldives in its statement at the virtual meeting said singling out India, the largest democracy in the world and a multicultural society, home to over 200 Million Muslims, alleging Islamophobia would be factually incorrect and detrimental to religious harmony in South Asia. It was also asserted during the discussion that disinformation campaigns on social media should not be constructed as representative of the feeling of 1.3 Million people.

In recent years, India has forged stronger ties with numerous Islamic nations. It must also be noted that countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Afghanistan, Russia, Palestine, Mauritius etc. have conferred the Indian Prime Minister with their highest civilian awards. It is important for South Asian Countries to find ways for working together , rather than creating disputed among them. This is the time when only our unity will become our strength.