During a virtual meeting held between Permanent Representatives of OIC Member States, Pakistan’s representative in New York, Munir Akram offered to form a small informal group to take collective action at the UN to counter the rising Islamophobia. However, the proposal didn’t go down well with the present Chair of the OIC Group, UAE Objecting to the recommendation, and stated that formation of any new group would need the approval of OIC Foreign Ministers.

The OIC and countries associated with it are worried with Pakistan’s India centric behavior. They have started to feel that Islamabad doesn’t let the organization contribute on real issues on hand. This juvenile behavior has created a negative image of Pakistan in the OIC and it may face diplomatic isolation if it doesn’t start to really contribute in the organization.

At present the world is suffering from far bigger diseases which cannot be combated without being united. For once, Pakistan must think about the whole Muslim Community rather than thinking about its archnemesis .