Yameen Slams Muizzu: Questions leadership and justice delay


Former President Abdulla Yameen said on Sunday that he didn’t expect President Muizzu to set him free. Yameen spoke at a rally to launch his new political party, PNF. He mentioned he doesn’t want to talk about Dr. Muizzu releasing him anymore. Yameen also felt disappointed for not being able to speak directly to the public.

Even though the law stops Yameen from joining politics due to his criminal sentence, he still shares his political views at PNF rallies. Yameen said people would know why he left PPM only after he gives a TV interview. He questioned why Muizzu is making efforts to release him now, after two months.

Yameen believes he’ll be found innocent during the appeal and insists he’s not guilty. Despite delays, he’s hopeful for a legal solution. Dr. Muizzu got the presidential ticket from PNC after Yameen got disqualified. Dr. Muizzu promised to acquit Yameen during his campaign.

When Dr. Muizzu became president-elect, he asked the former government to move Yameen to his house. Yameen was moved with conditions. However, their relationship soured quickly, leading Yameen to leave PPM and start his own party.

The appeal for Yameen’s case about the Aarah lease is still waiting for a verdict. Supporters of Yameen and MDP are worried because of trial delays. Yameen was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in jail with a $5 million fine in December 2022.