PNC candidate and journalist Ahmed Azaan exposed for lies and propaganda


In recent developments, Ahmed Azaan, associated with the Progressive National Congress (PNC) and a journalist linked with the fake online news outlet Dhiyares, has come under scrutiny for disseminating misinformation and propaganda. Azaan, who secured the PNC ticket without going through a primary election, has faced criticism for his role in spreading lies through various platforms.

During a campaign event held in Addu, concerns were raised by members of the public regarding false reports propagated by Dhiyares, particularly one claiming the presence of thousands of Indian soldiers in the Maldives. When questioned about this, Azaan vehemently denied the allegation, asserting that neither he nor Dhiyares had ever made such claims. However, evidence contradicts Azaan’s denial, as documented instances have revealed instances where such falsehoods were indeed spread.

In a significant revelation, the current government disclosed on November 19, 2023, that there were a total of 77 soldiers stationed in the Maldives, a figure that later increased to 89. This disclosure stands in stark contrast to the exaggerated claims propagated by Dhiyares and its affiliates, further underscoring the need for responsible journalism and accountability in public discourse.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Azaan and his associates have engaged in campaign of misinformation over the past five years, particularly targeted the previous administration of Ibu Solih. Fabricated reports, such as one alleging the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had developed software for stealing voter data, have been circulated by Dhiyares. These reports, although later debunked by local fact-checkers, had the potential to sow confusion and undermine trust in the electoral process.

Another instance involved a misleading claim suggesting the Hindu community celebrated the Ganesh festival in Addu City. However, it was later discovered that the video purported to be from Addu City was actually filmed at Belle Mare Beach in Mauritius. Following exposure, Dhiyares deleted the post, but the damage caused by such misinformation cannot be overlooked.

Archive link of Dhiyares deleted article.

Another false claim made by Azaan’s The Maldives Journal involved the publication of a fake letter on April 24, 2023, with the headline “Confidential Letter from Maldives’ President Leaked.” However, the original letter was later published by the current Muizzu government in December 2023.


As the implications of misinformation continue to reverberate within society, it becomes imperative for individuals like Ahmed Azaan and outlets like Dhiyares to be held accountable for their actions.