President Muizzu’s Broken Promises: A Tale of Disappointment


During election time in the Maldives, politicians like President Muizzu make a lot of promises to win people’s trust. They say they’ll make things better in different areas. But after the election, it became obvious that President Muizzu didn’t keep his promises. People were disappointed because he didn’t actually do anything he said he would. This made many people wonder if he was a good leader or if he could be trusted.

  1. Justice Denied: Calls for justice, including the release of former President Yameen, are ignored under President Muizzu’s leadership, raising doubts about his commitment to upholding the rule of law.

2. Sovereignty pledged: Despite vowing to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty, President Muizzu’s decision to allow Indian civilians to replace military personnel raises concerns, undermining the very sovereignty he pledged to protect.


3. Unfulfilled Reimbursement Promise: President Muizzu’s pledge to reimburse each tenant MVR 200,000 for finishing their flats remained unfulfilled, adding to the litany of broken promises that defined his tenure.

4. Contradictions in Promised Spending Cuts: President Muizzu promised to cut down unnecessary government spending by reducing political appointments, but instead, his administration expanded with 305 deputy and state ministers, wasting taxpayer money.

5. Transparency Betrayed: Despite pledging transparency during his campaign, President Muizzu’s government engages in secret dealings with China, breaking the trust of the Maldivian people and contradicting his earlier assurances.

6. Unfulfilled Commitments in Food Security: President Muizzu’s promise to diversify food imports beyond India to enhance food security remains unfulfilled, leaving the nation vulnerable and dependent on a single source.


7. Broken Promises in Education: Students face increased financial burdens as promises to raise student card limits are neglected, highlighting the gap between rhetoric and action in President Muizzu’s administration.

8. Corruption :  The signing of a massive $600 million airport contract with a Thai clothing wholesaler, Pan Pacific, further fueled concerns about the misuse of public funds. Despite assurances of accountability, this move only added to the disillusionment felt by many.

9. Unfulfilled Housing Promises: Housing, a fundamental need for many Maldivians, was also promised under President Muizzu’s tenure. Yet, recipients of the former government’s housing scheme were left waiting as he failed to deliver on this commitment.

9. Lack of Follow-Through on ITLOS Judgment :Even on the international stage, promises faltered as the government failed to appeal the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) judgment within the promised timeframe, signaling a lack of follow-through and commitment to upholding international agreements

10. Healthcare Failures: The failure of the air ambulance service to fulfill its intended purpose – transporting patients to Thailand and the UAE – served as yet another reminder of promises unmet.

President Muizzu’s tenure is marked by unfulfilled promises and dashed hopes, leaving the people of the Maldives disillusioned and longing for the change they were promised but never received.