Thoddoo MP Hassan Shiyan returns to MDP


Thoddoo’s MP, Hassan Shiyan, has decided to leave The Democrats and has officially rejoined the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). This move comes after a series of events where members who had supported the party’s former leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, chose to depart due to significant differences with pro-government factions earlier this year. Among those who left were 13 parliamentarians, including Hassan Shiyan.

During this period, Shiyan distanced himself from the party’s recent political activities. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he has now returned to the MDP. He completed the formalities of rejoining by submitting his membership form to the party’s presidential candidate, President Solih.

It’s worth noting that Shiyan is the second parliamentarian from The Democrats to make this shift back to the MDP. The initial parliamentarian to do so was Yasir Abdul Latheef, representing North Kulhudhuffushi, who, along with Kulhudhuffushi Mayor Mohamed Athif, also rejoined the main ruling party.