Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) witnesses a surge in new memberships


In a significant development for the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), over 2,500 individuals have recently joined the party. The membership forms were formally submitted to the party’s Chairperson and Economic Minister, Fayyaz Ismail, during a special ceremony held at the party office on Wednesday.

These new members represent the outcome of a party-organized initiative that took place last month, spanning across 12 constituencies. Fayyaz Ismail emphasized the importance of these forms, highlighting that they symbolize the party’s efforts to revitalize its membership following the mass dismissal of several members prior to its presidential primary. These individuals were found to not meet the requirements specified in the Political Act. With this surge in new members, the MDP aims to restore its membership to the levels it had before the deletions occurred.

Furthermore, Fayyaz Ismail expressed the party’s unwavering dedication to expanding its membership even further in the upcoming presidential campaign. As the MDP prepares for the future, it seeks to strengthen its presence and influence through the active involvement of more passionate individuals who share the party’s vision.

Recent events have seen the departure of 12 MDP MPs along with their supporters, as they have formed a new political party. While this departure poses a challenge for the MDP, the party remains focused on its commitment to serving the interests of the Maldivian people and continuing its progressive agenda.

With the addition of over 2,500 new members, the MDP demonstrates its resilience and determination to grow stronger. The party is poised to face the upcoming political landscape with renewed vigor, striving to secure a prosperous future for the Maldives and its citizens.