Most opposition leaders in jail or exile, public protests tightly controlled and courts rendering verdicts decried for lack of due process, the Maldives has nearly slid back to where it was years ago: an autocratic state that quashes dissent.
Since assuming power in this Indian Ocean archipelago nation of luxurious seaside resorts just over three years ago, President Yameen Abdul Gayoom has tightened his grip on this fledgling democracy with virtually no challenger.
Perhaps no where else in the World are the terrorism laws being misused so blatantly as in Maldives  for political purposes and that too with the active connivance of the Judiciary.
 On the other hand, the real terrorists or potential terrorists are sneaking away to Syria while innocent political opponents and those opposed to President Yameen and his regime are being terrorized with terrorism laws.
 Again, nowhere else in the World is the President being openly accused of large scale corruption as in Maldives with the opposition flaunting details of deposits made in President’s name elsewhere.
Maldives is back sliding into repression with the government stifling dissent and restricting constitutional rights. This appears to be a very mild statement!  Maldives is going back to medieval era with all powers concentrated in President Yameen.