“Today Rilwan’s Birthday”

Ahmed Rilwan is a human rights defender and journalist . He has written extensively about corruption, human rights violations, and the growing religious extremism in Maldives . He was a reporter for the independent newspaper Minivan News, and known for his brave investigations and hard-hitting articles exposing corrupt politicians. It has been three and half years since the last time his mother saw him, but her hope is strong.

His presence in the hearts and minds of his family and friends remain strong


Rilwan’s Sister Shehenaz Adnan writes on Facebook

It’s been three and half years now since Ahmed Rilwan got abducted. The state has failed to find what had happened to him. Today 18th January marks his birthday. During a time when we ought to be celebrating his 32nd brithday, we will today again face the sorrow of his continued absence. Its not the 1st, not the 2nd not the 3rd but the 4th birthday his family and friends had to be without him. His mother wont be able to see him. Its no longer a day for celebration. But a day we look at his pictures and talk about the memories to remember him.

A day we pray to give him the gift of justice.