Selfie with First lady : A Paid drama

The first lady, known as Madam Fathun, has attracted controversy, due to the her activities. Recently, she visited Alif Alif atoll for the up coming Presidential Election campaign of her husband President Yameen . There her election management team organized public meeting to promote Yameen’s election agenda but this public gathering and affection sparked outrage on social media. According to Independent MP Ahmed Mahloof, the public display of affection seen around her were mere drama. People were paid to do so. Organizers of such drama were paid MVR 500 each by the First Lady, the groups of 10 for Selfie and groups of 5 to give Hugs to the First Lady.

MDP MP Rozaina Adam
Reminds me of the song ‘#SantaClaus is coming to town’.

Shamoon ‘Lucas’ jaleel – Writer and Social media activist

Mickail Naseem – MDP Youth President

Nauty Matox – Social media activist