Yameen is the real ring master behind MMPRC and boat blast attack, discloses his Former Spokesperson


Opposition leader and Ex President Abdulla Yameen’s former spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz shares details about how things unfolded on that very faithful day of September 2015 when news about speedboat bomb attack on Yameen surfaced.

Muaz’s statements are similar to what we had reported earlier in one of our articles, which only confirms the possibility that this must have been a conspired, staged act to get then V.P Adeeb out of the way.

Some questionable events as witnessed by Ibrahim Muaz:

  • Speaking on Raajje TV’s programme on Wednesday, Muaz pointed out that Yameen had always avoided media and rarely made appearances on TV but that day Muaz invited all media outlets to the press conference on the instructions of President Yameen.

  • Regarding the speedboad explosion, Muaz said he did not see any fire that day inside the boat. There was a sound of something exploding but it sounded more similar to the sound of the 21-gun salute given by the MNDF when the President is sworn. Muaz repeatedly said that no traces of fire were found inside the speedboad.

  • Then Home Minister Uman Naseer was the head of the commission who led the investigation. He provided a CD and asked Muaz to show the video to the journalists. Muaz said he was surprised when he saw the fire in the launcher.

  • Umar Naseer said it was taken by an employee in the President’s office. However, Muaz questioned whether any employee of the President’s Office would keep the camera in recording until he arrived in Male.

Muaz went on to describe the whole explosion as an act to end Ahmed Adeeb’s political career. He said the investigation and prosecution of the case was focused only on Adeeb.

The Former Spokesperson also disclosed that Abdulla Yameen disliked the working of Raajje TV and wanted it to shut down.

Raajje TV was fined several times by the Broadcasting Commission at the time, he said, adding Yameen was controlling the broadcasting commission.

Former President Yameen cannot say that he does not influence independent institutions, said his spokesperson on the programme.