Islamic Ministry Finds No Evidence of Black Magic in Former State Minister’s Case


The Islamic Ministry has concluded that a doll key tag seized from the residence of former State Minister at the Environment Ministry, Fathimath Shamnaz, and her sister Hawwa Sana Saleem shows no signs of black magic. This finding was disclosed by Shamnaz’s lawyer, Ali Shah, who emphasized that the police have yet to present any substantial evidence against her.

Shah further explained that the Islamic Ministry’s analysis of the items seized from Shamnaz’s house, including the doll key tag, confirmed that there was nothing indicating black magic .

The items taken by the police during the search included mobile phones belonging to Shamnaz and Sana, a sealed mobile phone, a key tag from an Indian Ocean Island Games tournament, a lock of hair from Sana’s room, and a necklace from Shamnaz’s room. Notably, the key tag in question was described as a woollen plush doll.

The arrests of Shamnaz and Sana were based solely on an intelligence report alleging that they had engaged Hussain Sameer from Thaa Kinbidhoo to perform acts of sorcery and black magic aimed at breaking up a couple and fostering romantic relationships. Sameer, who was also arrested, has since been released.

Shah argued that Shamnaz’s arrest was politically motivated, pointing out that the police pressure her to give a statement against Adam Rameez, Shamnaz’s ex-husband and a former close associate of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. Rameez had been suspended following media coverage of Shamnaz’s arrest, which occurred shortly after their divorce.

The relationship between Rameez and President Muizzu had reportedly deteriorated prior to Shamnaz’s arrest, leading to Rameez’s isolation from the President’s inner circle.

While the Islamic Ministry’s findings did not support allegations of black magic against Shamnaz and Sana, the case continues to unfold amidst claims of political influence and personal disputes within the Muizzu government.