Activist calls out Yameen, alleges “India-Out” a funded campaign by foreign nation


Ex PPM activist Ali Shahid Step Ayya in a video recently released by the Maldives Youth Force calls out Yameen for misleading the country.

Step Ayya in his video message shares that he has been kept in the dark by the former President for a long time. That his campaign is build on propaganda and its funded by foreign nation that benefits him only.

I worked with PPM as an activist very sincerely all these years, in belief that I was contributing to save the nation. But now I have realized that it was all propaganda and I can’t be part of it,” he said.

He further detailed that the so called ‘nationalistic movement’ of India Out is being financed by foreign countries. This money is then being used by Yameen and leadership of PPM and PNC for their own benefits.

Ali Shahid says that the emotions of the people are played with, instilling fear in them in the name of ‘sovereignty.’ They put people like us to protest, while leaders are resting in their luxury houses enjoying the money they get from foreign countries for the India Out campaign. He even discloses that these money get distributed only amongst the favorites of Yameen.

He displayed his concerns for the people who are misguided under this hatred driven agenda and said Maldivians needs to distant themselves from the likes of this corrupt leadership. He said he has witnessed all the corrupt activities, the manipulation and the propaganda within the PPM umbrella and that is the reason why he left.

In conclusion Ali Shahid expressed that he doesn’t want to go against India or any International Community and get Maldives isolated and bankrupt like neighboring countries. He also warned people that if any one gets arrested while protesting PPM will not help them.

On 4th May 2022, a group under the name ‘Maldivian Youth Force’ held protests in front of former President Abdulla Yameen’s residence, calling for his re-arrest.

Why are these youths calling for Yameen’s re-arrest?

  • They voiced concerns about Yameen’s racist agenda of creating hate, racism and fear in Maldives.
  • They criticized him for his outlook on international relationships
  • Demanded re-arrest of Yameen and raised flags about the missing state funds from the MMPRC corruption.

The group made their debut in social media releasing a video showing a man who states that Yameen was working to demean the country; something they would not let happen. It was stressed in the video that this was a peaceful movement initiated by the youth.