“Arrest Yameen” Graffitied on Yaameen’s residence


Former President Yameen’s residence as well as the office building of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has been sprayed with messages calling for his arrest.

Its been reported that the incident took place at the wee hours of Thursday. The messages in black were sprayed near the garage gates of Yameen’s home, the PPM’s office and in posters that were put up by the party.

In addition to that, fliers branding Yameen as thief were also distributed and thrown on the streets, near the area.

Earlier this month, a group under the name of ‘Maldivian Youth Force’ held protests infront of Yameen’s house. They voiced concerns regarding opposition’s ‘India Out’ campaign led by Yameen and his party.

The group also released a video where they said, ‘Yameen need to be put to place’ and that they stood against the idea of spreading hate, xenophobia and racism.

They added that they were “coming out strong” and called for others to join them in tackling issues such as:

  • Yameen’s agenda of creating hate, racism and fear in Maldives.
  • His outlook on international relationships, endangering sovereignty of our nation
  • Demanded re-arrest of Yameen and questions about the missing state funds from the MMPRC corruption.
  • Fears of being pushed in the yesteryear of Yameen’s dark era, where one man ruled many.

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) branded the video as a threat against Yameen, and lodged a complaint to the Police on Monday, 2nd May.

The police are currently investigating on the issues raised.