Maldives News Sites losing credibility, uses Sri Lanka’s dire strait to create confusion


In a recently published article by ‘The Maldives Journal,’ it made very bold allegations with no source to support its claims.

An attempt to what it looks like the website taking advantage of the political disturbance in Sri Lanka and the people’s resentment towards the corrupt politician is blown out of proportion by the website to tarnish the image of Former President of Maldives and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The article made claims that Speaker Mohamed Nasheed is being coaxed by the former President and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to give asylum to his family members in Maldives until things quiet down in Sri Lanka.

Namal Rajapaksa has also given his statement regarding the matter saying that media in Maldives is trying to sensationalize things.

People’s Majili in regards to the matter has stated that the Speaker’s role in Sri Lanka is limited to seeking assistance and that he will continue to try his best to attract financial assistance for Sri Lanka.

The Maldives Journal has claimed that Nasheed had proposed the Rajapaksas to purchase a private residence in Soneva Fushi, instead of purchasing one from Maldives’ tourism tycoon Champa Mohamed Moosa’s properties. The Maldives Journal claimed this was because Nasheed does not find him trustworthy.

CEO and Co-founder of Soneva took it to twitter to clarify that no deal as such exists and no discussions to buy a villa at any Soneva Property is being carried out with Former Prime Minister Mahinda or any of the Rajapaksas in this case.

Soneva has denied all such claims.