The Supreme Court has ordered the immediate release of political prisoners including the former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Vice president Ahmed Adeeb.In a landmark statement issued on Thursday night the Supreme Court said the prisoners were free until fair trials could be conducted without undue influence. The court said the guilty verdicts against the politicians had been influenced by the government.

The ruling also reinstated 12 lawmakers who had previously been declared as having lost their positions for switching allegiance to the opposition.

After the Supreme Court’s decision to release political prisoners Hundreds of people celebrated in Male by waving the country’s flag .

The list of political prisoners

1.Former President Mohamed Nasheed 2.Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim

3.Adhaalath Party leader Sheikh Imran 4. Former defence minister Mohamed Nazim 5.MP Faris Maumoon 6. Former vice president Ahmed Adheeb

7.Former prosecutor general Muhthaz Muhusin 8. Former Magistrate Ahmed Nihan   9. Businessman Hamid Ismail

What are the reactions of Leaders over the The Supreme Court decision of releasing political prisoners .

Atul Keshap -Ambassador of the United States of America to SriLanka and Maldives

Zac Goldsmith British politician and Member of Parliament for Richmond Park

Bryce Hutchesson Australia’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Ambassador to the Maldives.

James Dauris British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Ambassador to the Maldives

Omar Waraich Deputy South Asia Director,Amnesty International

Mohamed Nasheed Maldives first democratically-elected President

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Former President of Maldives

Hassan Ugail Professor of Visual Computing